On Friday March 17th, Riverton & District High School held their annual Presentation Ball. The Ball is for year 12 students to dress up in formal attire and be presented to fellow students, family and the community. The theme for this year’s presentation ball was Red & White.

Di Allen, a teacher who has been with the students since year eight, presented the couples as they walked up the aisle, while saying a little bit about them. A former student, Bridget Hallion spoke about her time at school and after and she wished all the senior students the best for life after school; an inspirational presentation.

In the weeks leading up to the Presentation Ball we were taught to dance by Tony Clark. Learning to dance was hard to begin with. Tony taught us the Military Two Step, the Military Three Step, the Modern Waltz and the Grand March. Learning these dances was a great experience, especially for when we are older and can look back on this night with fond memories. All the Year 12’s had a brilliant time at the ball; we made lots of memories and are learning that we have many adventures ahead of us.

Sarah Willingham
Year 12