Hamley Bridge Primary School

Hamley Bridge Primary School is located in the Gilbert Valley in the quiet town of Hamley Bridge – the town  between two rivers ( Gilbert and Light). The school has a strong culture of continuous improvement with learning programs designed to flow  from one class to another. Classroom programs cover all areas of the Australian Curriculum, with whole school agreements in Literacy, Spelling (Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar) and Numeracy in place.  Each classroom has a bank of computers and iPads that are used to enable access to online resources to support student learning. Students can access online learning in Mathletics, Reading Eggs or Reading Express at school and at home.  For students with additional learning needs, a range of support programs are implemented. Since 2016, children and teachers have been learning about Spanish Language and culture in a learning together program.

With enrolment numbers stable in the high 70s, the school has chosen to operate four classes so as to minimise the student:teacher ratio and provide ready access to adult assistance for children. With a strong focus on Visible Learning, children are aware of what they currently know, what they need to learn next and strategies that will help them to get there. The Covered Outdoor Learning Area (COLA) is an impressive and large structure that provides shelter from both sun and rain. It is well utilised for lessons and as a student play space. Other activities that occur regularly in the COLA are sports clinics, after school activities, visiting performances and end of year celebrations. The school works closely with Hamley Bridge Kindergarten (located on school grounds) and Riverton & District High School as most children transition from and to these sites.


Ms Margaret Streatfield

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(08) 8528 2076

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13 Florence Street, Hamley Bridge SA 5401



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