Manoora Primary School

Manoora Primary School is a small school with 26 students from R–7 in 2017.  Students are generally from farming or rural backgrounds and the school population is stable, with low transience.

The school population is divided between two full time classes, Reception – Year 3 (14 students) and Years 4 – 7 (12 students).  Numbers are remaining relatively stable to 2019.

Manoora Primary School is located 9 kilometres from Saddleworth and 18 kilometres from Riverton, where students can attend the local government high school.

Reception students have generally attended preschool in Saddleworth.

Manoora Primary School is part of the Lower Mid North Partnership, joining sites in Balaklava, Hamley Bridge, Owen, Port Wakefield, Riverton, Saddleworth and Tarlee.  As schools and pre-schools we are working together to improve learning outcomes for all students across the partnership.

Students at Manoora Primary School, like those across the partnership, are involved in regular goal setting and review, three way parent/teacher/student interviews and explicit teaching and learning through the use of WALT and WILF charts. Rubrics are used across curriculum areas and specific feedback given to improve learning. A growth mindset is fostered and encouraged, so students can develop resilience and view mistakes as opportunities for learning and personal growth.

The school curriculum at Manoora Primary School covers the 8 learning areas; Mathematics, English, Science, HASS, Health and Physical Education, Languages Other Than English (French), the Arts and Design and Digital Technologies.

Parent support is a strong feature, with most families represented through membership on either Governing Council or Parent Club.  All families provide support to the school, staff and students in some way.

Manoora Primary School will celebrate 150 years of education in Manoora in October 2017.


Ms Tracy Griffin

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(08) 8848 4304

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3 Weymouth Street, Manoora SA 5414


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