Port Wakefield Primary School

Port Wakefield is located 98kms form the GPO. Our school was established in 1866 and celebrated 150 years of servicing the local community with education for Primary School Students. We currently have 70 children enrolled in 3 classes; a Reception, Year 1 and 2 class, a Middle Primary class of year 3 and 4 students and an Upper Primary Class of year 5, 6 and 7 students.

Port Wakefield Primary School liaises closely with our feeder local preschool , located approximately 50 metres from the school with weekly visits and transitional engagement activities, we share a combined Governing Council/ Admin and Finance Officer and work collaboratively together to provide a transitional process that is a positive process for students and families. We also collaborate with our feeder High School with regular communication and transitional activities that makes this transition to a new environment a positive exercise for Students and their Families.

Port Wakefield Primary School began our Visible Learning Journey in 2015 with other school s within our partnership and all staff are trained in Visible Learning. Since then we have had other Pupil Free Days devoted to further training in this.

We devised our Visible Learning Action Plan and updated this early in 2017. Our next step will be to develop a Site Visible Learning Agreement to maintain consistency of language used and maintenance of our Action Plan for all involved.

Currently we are focusing on feedback – student to student, teacher to student and student to teacher. Our Upper Primary Class every week has their feedback board where each child offers positive feedback to another student and they are developing skills and a common language to support this.

As well, in our action plan with Visible learning is the further development of learning intentions and success criteria with our Students.  Our school is in conjunction with Visible Learning focusing on Growth Mind Sets.


Ms Jennifer Gordon

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(08) 8867 1012

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22 Mine Street, Port Wakefield SA 5550



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