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Riverton is located 96 kms north of Adelaide in an agricultural area comprising mainly sheep, cattle and grain crop farming. Riverton enjoys high employment, which is available in the areas of agriculture, education, one of the 20 plus local businesses or further afield in Clare or Gawler. English is spoken in most homes. Students and staff enjoy coming to our delightful school every day.

The school has a caring and professional staff dedicated to improving the learning outcomes of all students. We are doing this through the platform of Visible Learning (Hattie) aligned with the Lower Mid North (LMN) B-12 Local Education Partnership.

In 2017 Riverton Primary School is focusing on improving student reading outcomes because reading is foundational to all other curriculum areas. Staff take part in rigorous professional development that includes leader and peer observations and reflection conversations with a focus on pedagogic improvement that raises student learning outcomes in reading and flows into all other curriculum areas.

As part of our Visible Learning focus, we are working on greater consistency in the use of Learning Intention and Success Criteria so that all students know what the expected learning is and what learning actions to take to get there. We use evidence of student learning as we work with each of our students to make sure they understand their next learning goal and how to achieve it.

Student learning outcome data is examined as part of teachers’ regular work, and at the whole school level at least once a term. This helps us define the best ways to support each individual student’s learning by extending or supporting as is required.

Quality Teachers in Riverton

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Ms Cheryl Glenie

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(08) 8847 2206

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21 Swinden Street, Riverton SA 5412



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