On Friday 8th September Riverton Primary School staff joined colleagues from the Lower Mid North B-12 Partnership for a day’s professional learning. The topic of the day was ‘Building and Developing Visible Learners’. Some of the thought provoking messages from the day were:

  • A visible leaner is someone who knows what to do when they don’t know what to do.
  • The most successful in the future are those who can learn, unlearn and relearn.
  • If you are not uncomfortable, you are probably not learning.

The day also gave us time to talk about student learning and our ongoing work of improving student learning outcomes. Discussions were genuine and rigorous, with a decision made to continue to focus on Learning Intention and Success Criteria in reading for next year.

Learning Intention – Clearly articulates what the student are learning.

Good learning intentions are those that make clear to the students the type or level of performance they need to attain, so that they understand where and when to invest energies, strategies and thinking and where they are positioned along the trajectory towards successful learning. (Hattie, 2012, p47.)

Success Criteria – Lets students know how they will achieve the learning intention. Success Criteria need to be in student friendly language and clearly focus on the learning, providing details about the skills, concepts, knowledge and processes required to meet the learning intention.