2017 Visible Learning Focus

This year has seen Visible Learning become a focus for all Staff and Children.  Staff have undertaken professional learning in Foundation Day and Feedback Focus.  Our Philosophy Statement embeds Mindframes into our Educator practice.  Staff view quality teaching as integral to raising outcomes of learning for all children.

This year we are working with Jasmin Lowcock our Early Years Consultant and assessing our Educator practice by using the Reflect/Respect/Relate Early Years Tool.  The scale to be used is Active Learning Environment which assesses and rates Educator’s interactions with children, their scaffolding of their learning and intentional practice.  Results to be analysed by Staff Team and recommendations to be implemented.  Assessment to be repeated in Term 4 to determine growth by Educators.

Supporting children to be assessment capable – supporting their thinking about thinking and learning

  • Introduction of Emoticon board – social problem solving program to scaffold children’s emotional resilience/social perspective taking – children supported to identify their own emotions and then to identify positive behaviour choices/strategies
  • Embedding non-verbal and verbal feedback into program – 2 thumbs up/1 thumb up/sideways to denote engagement. Incorporating growth mindset attributes into feedback – Easy/I can do it/not yet/tricky
  • Children’s voice as part of written daily reflection at end of session – recorded and placed next to parent sign-in/out sheet.
  • Learning Book – Group Learning book is a visual record of children’s learning which also incorporates Learning Stories. Learning Stories record EYLF outcomes, Educator practice (scaffolding/questions/intentional practice/task design)Child’s reflection and planning possibilities
  • Learning Ladders which reflect individual learning goals for each child. Goals are constructed with Parents and growth is monitored by the children.

We received 3.8 out of 5 for our Active Learning Environment Scale which indicates that Staff are creating a supportive environment for children’s learning.  Results to be reflected on by Staff and changes to practice to improve our practice will be implemented.  Research to be repeated in Term 4 to monitor our progress.